Laura Weaver Huff

Artist at Printmakers Inc. studio, Torpedo Factory

“Though technical precision is an important component of my photographically-generated screenprints and collages, I want my work to express my joy in nature, color and design above all else. Using layers of transparent colors with strong contrasts, I focus on imagination, variety, energy, rhythm, repetition and symmetry. I search for subjects that feature unusual patterns, textures and forms in nature. From a skeletonized leaf, I have created many different compositions, all from repeating, overlapping and enlarging this one image (see Connected above.) Currently, I am developing a series on American Chestnut trees, which were decimated in the East when a fungus struck them around 1905. Above are examples: Summer Chestnut Leaves, and The American Chestnut Tree – Past and Future, which was based on an 1878 engraving called Gathering Chestnuts.

My educational background spans three schools: Syracuse University, the University of Delaware (B.A. Degree with Honors in Art and Education,) and the George Washington University (M.F.A. In Graphics.) I have taught art in many centers and schools in the area, including Montgomery College in Germantown, the D.C. Coalition for the Homeless, and Arts for the Aging. Since 1979, I have been a regular contributor to the Original Print Calendar. I have been affiliated with the Torpedo Factory and the Art League since 1977.”